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Singapore Film Society
SIM University

Message from Festival Committee

The Singapore Film Society and UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies once again collaborate to jointly organise the second edition of the Singapore Chinese Film Festival. Taking place over 11 days from 17 – 27 April, we strive to present a festival programme that has expanded exponentially in terms of both quantity and quality.

The total number of films have increased from 10 feature titles last year to 30 feature titles and 11 short film titles. We have come up with 4 different programme sections to help categorise our varied selection:

Chinese Panorama: Our mainstay programme that showcases award winning and notable independent feature films from the various territories. This year, we have selected 14 feature films from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and also embark on our very first feature film selections from Singapore and Malaysia, showcasing the diversity and the very best achievements of Chinese Cinema.

Documentary Vision: This section aims to put the focus on a growing trend in Chinese cinema to view the socio-political and cultural landscape through the documentary lens. Among the 8 feature documentary selections, there are visually arresting images as well as intimate portrayal of heartfelt human drama, all of which demonstrate the hard work and creativity of the documentary filmmakers in capturing those true stories and people.

King Hu Wuxia Classics: To fully savor Chinese Cinema, one must also look at its rich heritage. One of the most exciting genres of Chinese Cinema classics has to be its Wuxia films. As King Hu is widely hailed as the ‘Godfather’ and ‘Master’ of the Wuxia genres, we present our very first retrospective programme with 8 classics from his oeuvre. We hope to introduce the classics to new audiences, as well as entertaining old time fans.

Chinese Shorts Showcase: Another first this year is our inaugural presentation of short films. The 11 short films come in two different showcases. The first is Letters From the South, an omibus featuring 6 filmmakers from South East Asia, each making a short film concerning the issues of Chinese diaspora. This includes films by our very own homegrown talents Royston Tan and Sun Koh. The other showcase consists mainly of award winning short films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are happy to point out that one of the selected entries is by a young Singaporean director – Chiang Wei Liang, who shot his debut short film entirely in Taiwan with a Taiwanese cast and crew.

In addition to film screenings in the 4 different sections, we have also arranged post screening Q&A sessions with invited filmmakers for 11 films. In addition, we will be holding two Chinese Talkies panel discussions at the National Museum of Singapore on ‘King Hu: The Man, His Stories and Wuxia Legacy’ and ‘The Diversity and Development of Documentary Filmmaking’, with expert film critics, scholars and filmmakers.

The primary objective of the annual Singapore Chinese Film Festival is to promote quality Chinese Cinema in all forms and diversity to audiences in Singapore. This diversity refers not only to geography, genre, and content, but also in language. The definition of Chinese film here is not limited to standard Chinese. Rather, it is inclusive and includes the diverse dialects spoken by Chinese from various territories. Henceforth, we are able to spread our programming network to a much wider scope and feature more authentic content in its own mother tongue.

We sincerely hope that our efforts and selection for this year’s festival will excite and delight the audiences, as we look forward to seeing you at the cinemas for the 2014 Singapore Chinese Film Festival!


新加坡电影协会和新跃大学新跃中华学术中心携手合办的“新加坡华语电影节”跨入第二个年头了! 在经过了首届电影节的磨合期后, 2014年电影节的内容无论在数量或质量都有了相当程度的提升。

首先, 本届的应邀展出的作品数量从首届电影节10部增加到了30部长片和11部短片的规模。其次, 应邀电影的制作产地更从中国、香港、台湾三地扩大到新加坡、马来西亚、泰国及缅甸等地。这其中不乏不同程度跨境制作的电影。其中中国及香港合拍的《过界》, 《一个复杂故事》和《春梦》及马来西亚生产、港台艺人参与演出的《冠军歌王》都是这方面的例子。

在电影数量增加的情况下, 为了让影展的讯息能够易于掌握, 我们将展出的电影作品分为下列四个单元:

”华夏风情画“:透过剧情长片来呈现不同地区的华人社会或社群的风土民情, 展现华人在不同时空或文化撞击下所产生的可能性是设置"华夏风情画"这个单元的重要原因。2014年这个单元14部来自中、港、台、新、马等地的华语片不仅看得到真实的华夏风情,更能一窥不同地方的华人对自己及中华世界的想像。


”经典胡金铨“:华语片的精彩不仅可以在当季的电影中看到, 更可以在经典中寻获。华语电影中最有中华特色的类型莫过于武侠片, 而武侠片的各路名导大师中又以胡金铨最为行家及看官所推崇。今年的电影节不仅要当季电影的灿烂, 更要经典作品的历久弥香。“经典胡金铨”透过8部作品, 让这位武侠电影大师的影像风采, 再次闪烁于大银幕上。

“短片惊叹号”:电影的魅力可以长时间酝酿, 也可以在短时间内爆发, 留下响响的惊叹号。短小精炼的电影不该被忽视,“短片惊叹号”因此以一部短片辑及五部短片展现中、港、台、新、马、泰、缅等七地短片电影工作者的惊鸿一瞥。

除了上述影展的部份, 本届电影节还安排了11部电影的映后交流, 让观众与电影人面对面, 进一步了解电影作品的究竟与深层涵意。另外, 更邀请台湾、香港、马来西亚及新加坡的华语电影工作者及学者在新加坡国家博物馆就“武侠胡金铨:其人其事其经典”及“真实的多元呈现:纪录片纵横谈”这两个题目进行交流及讨论。

新加坡华语电影节的宗旨是向国人推广多元的华语电影。这个多元可以是制作地区、电影类型、作品内容的多元, 更可以是语言上的多元。新加坡华语电影节中的华语是广泛意义的华语, 它除了传统意义的华语外, 也包含了华人的其他用语。因为只有在多变的语调声中,电影节的视野才能宽广, 万般人文景致才能尽入眼帘。

上述的设想和努力希望您会喜欢及支持, 并期待在“2014新加坡华语电影节”的展映现场与您相聚。