(Opening Film) A Complicated Story


Film Information

Director: Kiwi Chow 周冠威

Cast: Jacqueline Zhu 朱芷莹, Jacky Cheung 张学友, Stephanie Che 车婉婉, Deannie Yip 叶德娴

Country: Hong Kong 香港

Year: 2013

Runtime: 108mins

Rating: M18(Some Homosexual Content 些许内容涉及同性恋)

*Q&A with Director and Producer 导演和监制将出席映后交流。


The work of popular contemporary author Yi Shu previously inspired the classic films of Yonfan. Her prose leaps to the screen once more in A Complicated Story, from first-time director Kiwi Chow with support from the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, and executive producers Bill Kong and Johnnie To, not to mention a spectacular supporting cast including Jacky Cheung and Deannie Ip. Needing money for her brother’s medical treatment, Liu Yazi (Jacqueline Zhu, Lust, Caution) agrees to become a surrogate mother for a mysterious benefactor. But when the contract is suddenly terminated, she disappears in a whirlwind, taking the unborn child and leaving former acquaintances, spurned lovers and secret admirers seeking her desperately.


Courtesy of Edko Films Ltd


Date: (A) 17 April 2014 & (B) 18 April 2014

Time: (A) 8.00pm & (B) 7.00pm

Venue: The Cathay Cineplex

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