Fall of Ming


Film Information

Director: Wang Jing 王竟

Cast: Leon Dai 戴立忍, FengYuanzheng 冯远征

Country: China 中国

Year: 2013

Runtime: 114mins

Rating: NC16 (Some Violence 些许暴力画面)


After making the award winning Feng Shui (SCFF 2013), director Wang Jing reunites with writer-producer and long-time collaborator Xie Xiaodong to make this historical epic drama set during the final years of the Ming Dynasty. It was turbulent times when rebels were challenging the corrupt government, and an epidemic is spreading. The drama is focused on the real-life master physician Wu Youke (1582-1652) played by Feng Yuanzheng and a ruthless Ming General, Sun Chuanting played by Leon Dai as they became allies to help each other in their respective causes – Wu wanting to stop the epidemic and save lives, and Sun who has been tasked to lead his troops in battle and crush the rebellion.

这是王竞导演继《万箭穿心》后最新力作。故事根据历史记载,明朝崇祯15年,全国内忧外患,大将孙传庭(戴立忍 饰)临危受命带着妻子冯氏(冯波 饰)来到潼关抵抗李自成的军队。与此同时游医吴又可(冯远征 饰)怀着济世救人之心来到潼关拜访师傅——药局提领赵川(钱学格 饰)。大敌当前,孙传庭军中士兵染上怪病,同时还要面对崇祯皇帝(余少群 饰)的催促出兵和潼关豪绅顾清远(马精武饰)等人的自私敛财。赵川因施救不力以身殉职,吴又可在危难之时挺身而出,靠着不同寻常的治疗方法与孙传庭惺惺相惜。最后瘟疫终于被控制住,但是国家的病症能否被战争治好吴又可和孙传庭都无法预料。


Date: (A) 18 April 2014 & (B) 22 April 2014

Time: (A) 4.30pm & (B) 7.00pm

Venue: The Arts House

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