Longing For The Rain


Film Information

Director: Yang Li Na 杨荔钠

Cast: Zhao Siyuan 赵思源, Xue Hong 薛红, Fu Jia 傅迦

Country: China 中国

Year: 2013

Runtime: 104mins

Rating: R21 (Sexual Scenes 性相关画面)

Awards: Nominated for Best Supporting Actress – Xue Hong, 50th Golden Horse Awards 第五十届金马奖最佳女配角提名 - 薛红


Fang Lei is a housewife who leads a peaceful and affluent life with her husband and daughter. But her apparently perfect family life is mired by an equally unfulfilling sex life. She turns to masturbation to find sexual pleasure and begins to dream of a man who makes love to her, giving her energy and a new lease of life. She gets so addicted to him until things between them begins to spin out of control.

方蕾是中产阶级的家庭主妇, 和老公女儿过着平稳安定的生活, 但她经常会感到不安和焦虑。老公不在时, 她就靠自慰解决自己的性问题。有一天, 她的梦里出现了一个男人, 梦中与那男人有了性爱, 这改变了方蕾的生活, 她变得开心, 有活力。很多时候, 她觉得梦中人才是自己的老公。奶奶的离世及道士的劝诫并没有令方蕾改变对梦中人的依恋。相反的, 在梦中人离开的日子里她不能自拔。


Date: (A) 21 April 2014 & (B) 27 April 2014

Time: (A) 9.30pm & (B) 6.30pm

Venue: (A) The Cathay Cineplex & (B) Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

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