Song of the Phoenix


Film Information

Director: Wu Tianming 吴天明

Cast: Tao Zeru 陶泽如, Li Mingcheng 李岷城

Country: China 中国

Year: 2013

Runtime: 110mins

Rating: NC16 (Some Coarse Language 些许粗俗语言)

Awards: Nominated for Best Feature Film, 29th Golden Rooster Awards 第二十九届金鸡奖最佳剧情片提名


The film charts the life and trials of You Tianming, a young suona apprentice who goes on to form his very own suona troupe at a time when the traditions of suona music are declining in Chinese society. During the following years Tianming witnesses the decline of ancient traditions, but while suona ensembles break up and fellow musicians gradually drift away to seek work in the city as unskilled laborers, Tianming sticks to his calling, keeping faith with his master’s commitment to the art of suona music. When Tianming’s Master passes away, Tianming plays “Song of the Phoenix” at his graveside, a piece of music played to commemorate only the most venerated members of the community.

The latest film from respected 4th Generation Chinese Director Wu Tianming, who passed away recently in March, is a heartfelt tribute to the traditional artform of suona music, and a reflection on the conflict between modern China’s rapid development and the dying of traditional art forms and practices.

这是一个坚守信念的故事。唢呐王焦三爷的徒弟游天鸣,从拜师学艺到继承焦家班,经历了唢呐的兴盛和衰落。后来,迫于生计,乐手们纷纷进城打工,唢呐班再也组织不起来了。游天鸣坚守对师父的承诺,在已故的焦三爷坟前吹奏唢呐名曲《百鸟朝凤》,作为对师父的祭奠,乐声彰显出生命的高贵与尊严。影片深刻表现了当代中国城市化进程中商品经济大潮对中国优秀传统文化的冲击,歌颂了民间艺人对传统文化的热爱与坚守。 中国著名第四代导演吴天明今年三月因心肌梗塞而过世,《百鸟朝凤》也成为了吴导演的遗作。


Date: (A) 20 April 2014 & (B) 21 April 2014

Time: (A) 2.00pm & (B) 7.00pm

Venue: The Arts House

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