Young Style


Film Information

Director: Liu Jie 刘杰

Cast: Qin Hai Lu 秦海璐, Dong Zijian 董子健, Yong Mei 咏梅

Country: China 中国

Year: 2013

Runtime: 90mins

Rating: PG

Awards: Nominated for Best New Actor – Dong ZiJian, 50th Golden Horse Awards 第五十届金马奖最佳新演员提名 - 董子健


Juran has failed the university entrance exams as he is pre-occupied with his first love. As a result, he is forced to prepare for the exams next year. During that period, he and his fellow students face not only the pressure from their studies but problems of all sorts. Unexpectedly, love blossoms in their hearts. On the coming-of-age ceremony, they shout out loud – Do you love me?



Date: (A) 22 April 2014 & (B) 27 April 2014

Time: (A) 9.30pm & (B) 4.30pm

Venue: (A) The Cathay Cineplex & (B) Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

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