The Busy Young Psychic


Film Information

Director: Chen Ho-Yu 陈和榆

Country: Taiwan 台湾

Year: 2013

Runtime: 29mins

Rating: PG

Awards: 46th Golden Bell Awards Best Editing 金钟奖最佳剪接, Nominated for Best Short Film at 50th Golden Horse Awards 第50届金马奖最佳短片提名


Xie Junya is a teenage girl who possesses the innate ability to see the dead, a problem that has troubled her for a long time. She sought help at a temple, but the problem was not solved. Instead, many devotees gather to ask her questions about their deceased loved ones and even winning lottery numbers. Her work as a psychic leaves her with no time to practice baseball. What she really cares about is whether a guy in her school’s baseball team likes her. The boy she has a crush on invites Junya to his birthday party. However, there is a long line of people waiting at the temple for her advice. How will she choose between love and her sacred mission?



Date: (A) 17 April 2014 & (B) 20 April 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: The Arts House

*Part of the Chinese Shorts Showcase

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