Cha Cha For Twins


Film Information

Director: Yang Yi-Chien 杨贻茜,Jim Wang 王传宗

Cast: Huang Pei-Jia 黄姵嘉 , Paul Chiang 姜康哲, Ouyang Lun 欧阳伦

Runtime: 110mins

Rating: PG13

Awards: Winner of Best Narrative Feature, Best Screenplay and Best Editing at 2012 Taipei Film Awards 2012台北电影节最佳电影,最佳剧本,最佳剪接


Poni and Mini are identical twins. They look so much alike that even their boyfriend/ secret admirers couldn’t tell them apart. Their biggest challenge is to make people realize how different they actually are. This seemingly simply tale was filmed with complex production techniques as one lead actress plays the dual characters of the twins. Cha Cha For Twins is the debut feature of novelist Yang Yi-Chien and TV director Jim Wang.


重回恋恋夏天,黄姵嘉一人分饰两角,爱情动线因为双胞双轨而常搭错线,错认造成的酸楚与甜蜜也都变成DOUBLE 威力加强版,却依然那么清楚传达「我是特别的」之少女祈祷,直抵每个人心底柔软处,让每个初恋女孩都顶天立地,每段恋情都独一无二。


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