A Touch of Zen


Film Information

Director: King Hu 胡金铨

Cast: Xu Feng 徐枫, Shih Jun 石隽, Bai Ying 白鹰

Country: Taiwan 台湾

Year: 1970

Runtime: 200mins

Rating: PG (Some fighting scenes 些许打斗画面)

Awards: Won Technical Grand Prize in Cannes Film Festival 1975 获1975年坎城影展高等电影技术委员会大奖


The film is adapted from Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Gu is an intellectual who paints and writes for living, having no interest in taking the imperial examination and fame, like Geliang Zhu said “I merely managed to survive in times of turbulence and had no intention of seeking fame and position from princes.” He and his mother live by a deserted mansion, which is rumored haunted. One day a woman, Yang, and her mother, who are refugees, are found hiding in the mansion. Yang’s father is a loyal official and killed by the evil eunuch of East Chamber. Yang and other loyal generals are chased by the guards sent by East Chamber. Then the guards attack the mansion and Gu designs traps and uses the haunted rumor to scare off the enemy, along with Yang’s fighting. Gu and Yang falls for each other before the attack. After the carnage, Yang leaves Gu and gives birth of their child, then gives it to Gu. Yang then follows her master, Huiyuan, the monk, to be a nun. The guards re-appear and have fierce fights with the righteous ones, Yang is badly injured. Master Huiyuan appears and teaches the guards lessons. In the end, he is injured by the scheming enemy, yet he struggles to kill the evil guy and dies.



Date: 18 April 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

*With pre-screening introduction by Shih Chun 石隽将作开场介绍

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