Dragon Inn


Film Information

Director: King Hu 胡金铨

Cast: Shangguan Lingfeng 上官灵凤, Shih Jun 石隽, Miao Tian 苗天

Country: Taiwan 台湾

Year: 1967

Runtime: 112mins

Rating: PG (Some fighting scenes 些许打斗画面)

Awards: Won Best Screenplay, Golden Horse Film Festival 1968 获1968年金马奖最佳编剧


In the mid-Ming dynasty, a loyal and upright Minister Yu is accused and killed by the evil and powerful eunuch Cao. Yu’s children are sentenced to exile to the border Dragon Gate. Cao sends several assassins to kill Yu’s children on their way, yet failed. Cao then sends killers of East Chamber, the espionage agency. The righteous swordsman Xiao and Yu’s former staff come to Dragon Inn to rescue Yu’s children. The two groups have many fights there. Then Cao himself comes and has fierce fights with Xiao and others. In the end, Cao dies and Yu’s children are saved.



Date: 18 April 2014

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

*With pre-screening introduction by Shih Chun 石隽将作开场介绍

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