Legend of the Mountain


Film Information

Director: King Hu 胡金铨

Cast: Xu Feng 徐枫, Sylvia Chang 张艾嘉,Shih Jun 石隽

Country: Taiwan 台湾

Year: 1979

Runtime: 184mins

Rating: PG

Awards: Won Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Art Direction & Best Music in Golden Horse Film Festival 1979 获1979年金马奖最佳摄影、最佳导演、最佳美术指导和最佳配乐


The film is adapted from a ghost story written in Song Dynasty. Legend of the Mountain and Raining in the Mountain were shot at the same time. Most of the cast play in both films, but for the leading characters, Sylvia Chang only plays in this film.

A young scholar, He, visits an old monk in the mountain and is asked to copy a sutra to redeem the wandering souls. On his way of traveling to a friend’s residence, he falls asleep. When he arrives, he meets a woman, Melody, and her mother. He is fascinated by Melody and marries her. It turns out Melody and her mother are ghosts, trying to steal the hand-copied sutra. A lama comes to rescue He, yet he is defeated by Melody’s black magic. Then He meets another beautiful girl, Cloud. After that he becomes involved in several conflicts, the magic power struggle between the monk and ghost; the love and infatuation between man and ghost; and the jealously and struggle between good ghost and bad ghost. In the end, everything disappears. It turns out all women and his friends are ghosts.




Date: 20 April 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

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