The Fate of Lee Khan


Film Information

Director: King Hu 胡金铨

Cast: Xu Feng 徐枫, Hu Jin 胡锦, Li Lihua 李丽华

Country: Taiwan 台湾, Hong Kong 香港

Year: 1973

Runtime: 104mins

Rating: PG (Some Fight Scenes 些许打斗画面)


In the late years of Yuan Dynasty, the anti Mongolia movement is led by Yuan Chang Zhu. Yet Zhu’s staff, Tian Song Shen, betrays and intends to contribute the war map to the Mongolian Baron of Henan, Khan Lee. Lee and his sister, Wan’er Lee, are on their way to pick up the map. The anti-Mongolian organization knows about this, and tries to stop them. Wendy, the innkeeper and the resistance fighter, invites her friends to disguise as waitresses in Spring Pavilion. Other revolutionaries also come for the map and use bronze coins as their sign. There are repeated attempts to steal the map in the inn. It’s hard to tell the good from the evil. Khan Lee begins to suspect the people of Spring Pavilion and fighting erupts. In the end, two sides have the finale fight in the wilderness. Wendy’s friends fall in succession and, finally, Wan’er and Khan Lee are also killed.


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Date: 20 April 2014

Time: 4.30pm

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

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