The Wheel of Life


Film Information

Director: King Hu 胡金铨

Cast: Peng Xuefen 彭雪芬, Shih Jun 石隽, Jiang Houren 姜厚任

Country: Taiwan 台湾

Year: 1983

Runtime: 103mins

Rating: PG

Awards: Won Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Film, Golden Horse Film Festival 1983 获1983年金马奖最佳摄影、最佳美术指导、最佳影片奖


The three segments of the film are directed by King Hu, Hsing Lee and Jingrui Bai. The story is the love among two men and one woman crossing three generations. King Hu made the story of the first generation. Feng’s father is an upright official of Ming dynasty, and is killed by the powerful eunuchs and royal guards. Feng is engaged with Mei, a daughter of another official. Out of fear, Mei’s father, offers her to the head of royal guards as his concubine in order to save his own life. Mei is on the road to marry, with a dagger, intending to kill the evil one. Mei is guarded by Lu, a captain of royal guard, to the capital. On the road, Lu forces Mei to hand in her dagger and tries to rape her. At this moment, Feng leads the resistance to rescue Mei. Lu abducts Mei and takes the opposite direction. They visit his master in the mountain. Lu’s master sees through his treacherous plan and gives him a poisonous list of the resistance, then commits suicide. Lu is blinded by the poison. Feng follows them and fights with Lu. Mei tries to save Feng but accidently kills him with the dagger. Lu manages to kill Mei at the same moment.



Date: 22 April 2014

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: National Museum of Singapore

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