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Director: 乔美仁波切 Chakme Rinpoche

Cast: 王柠 Wang Ning, 焦刚 Jiao Gang, 孟天宇 Meng Tianyu, 田亮 Tian Liang

Country: 中国 China

Year: 2014

Runtime: 94mins

Rating: PG


Tianyu is a sightless child who dreams about another life different from the disabled ping-pong champion career that his single mother is planning for him. He can see so much more than what his mother thinks! As he vanishes one day, his mother is forced to go look into his world of darkness to discover how to listen and see. ATA is the first feature film directed by Chakme Rinpoche. ‘Rinpoche’ is a Tibetan honorific term employed to show respect in addressing reincarnated and accomplished lamas.

《照见》是藏传佛教僧人- 乔美仁波切的电影处女作。他表示,希望这部影片能让人静下来思考生命的意义和人生的价值,而拍摄盲童是探索其内心的好方法,虽然他们的眼睛看不到,但心灵或许比一般人更加开放。《照见》影片用高度艺术而自然流畅的镜头语言讲述了一个盲童和母亲的故事。孩子因不满被迫学习盲人乒乓球离家出走后,母亲蒙上眼睛生活,试图感受和理解儿子,从而发现自己内心的光明。

孟买国际电影节竞赛片 In Competition Mumbai International Film Festival

喀拉拉邦国际电影节展映 Official Selection Kerala International Film Festival


Date: 21 April 2015

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Suntec 4

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