Design 7 Love


Film Information

Director: 陈宏一 Chen Hung-I

Cast: 许玮宁 Tiffany Hsu, 莫子仪 Morning Mo, 白梓轩 Tom Price, 邱彦翔 Qiu Yanxiang

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 2014

Runtime: 116mins

Rating: NC16 (Sexual Scenes 性相关画面)

*导演映后交流 Q&A with Director


Seven people with seven love stories. They ignite the love and hate hidden under the table. In this battle of love, who will survive and who will lose? When the boundary between lies and truth has blurred, who can tell if the others are sincere or not? When one says, "I love you", does one mean it or it's just another "design"? Everyone seems to have become obsessed with “design”. But what is “design”? Why do we need “design”? Does design make our lives better or relationships happier? Told from seven characters’ points of view, the frenzy of design and the ridiculous urban lives are faithfully reflected in this story set in a design studio.


金马奖提名最佳新演员,最佳视觉效果 Golden Horse Awards - Nominated for Best New Performer, Best Visual Effects

台北电影节正式竞赛片 In Competition Taipei Film Festival

香港亚洲电影节观摩影片 Official Selection Hong Kong Asian Film Festival


Date: 23 April 2015

Time: 6.40pm

Venue: Vivo 12

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