Partners in Crime


Film Information

Director: 张荣吉 ChangJung-chi

Cast: 巫建和 Wu Jianhe , 郑开元 Zheng Kaiyuan, 邓育凯 Deng Yukai, 姚愛宁 Pipi Yao, 温贞菱 Jenny Wen, 李烈 Lee Lieh, 柯佳嬿 Alice Ko

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 2014

Runtime: 89mins

Rating: PG 13 (Some Disturbing Scenes 些许画面令人不适)


Three high school boys, who lead separate lives, suddenly have their fates intertwined when they witness the death of Hsia, a girl at their school. This shocking image starts to tie their fates together. Huang, Yeh and Lin then form a secret group “Partners in Crime” to investigate the truth of Hsia’s death. In the end, the truth is revealed by Hsia’s secret diary, but ironically, that truth also makes them realize that high school never ends, and people all have some secrets and dirty laundry to hide. This mystery thriller is a new experimentation in genre filmmaking by director Chang Jung-chi, who made his award winning debut feature A Touch of Light two years ago.


台北电影节开幕片 Opening Film at Taipei Film Festival 2014


Date: (A) 18 April 2015, (B) 22 April 2015

Time: (A) 9.45pm, (B) 9.30pm

Venue: (A) Suntec 3, (B) Suntec 3

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