River of Exploding Durians


Film Information

Director: 杨毅恒 Edmund Yeo

Cast: 朱芷莹 Zhu Zhi-ying, 高圣 Shern Koe, 刘倩妏 Daphne Low, 梁祖仪 Joey Leong

Country: 马来西亚 Malaysia

Year: 2014

Runtime: 128mins

Rating: PG13 (Some Mature Content 内容只宜十三岁及以上)

English subtitles only, no Chinese subtitles 英文字幕,无中文字幕

*导演映后交流 Q&A with Director


Ming who isn't enthusiastic about studying strolls the forest and beach during the date with beautiful Mei Ann; but suddenly she becomes unable to get in contact with. Meanwhile, the construction of rare earth mining plant is being planned locally. An idealistic teacher Lim participates in protest campaign against construction while she teaches history to the students, and leads them to battle for the soul of their hometown. Based on real-life events, River of Exploding Durians is a sweeping tale of Malaysian history and its youth, where people are enveloped by politics and sadness while searching for love.


东京国际电影节竞赛片 In Competition Tokyo International Film Festival


Date: 25 April 2015

Time: 1.30pm

Venue: Vivo 3

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