The Biggest Toad in the Pond

温水蛤蟆 (水煮金蟾)

The Biggest Toad in the Pond

Film Information

Director: 何蔚庭 Ho Widing

Country: 中国 China

Year: 2014

Runtime: 96mins

Rating: PG

*导演映后交流 Q&A with Director


There is a Toad Village in the northern part of China lives an unemployed miner Sheng. An imminent construction of a high-speed railroad affects Toad Village. Sheng’s household and three other have to be relocated. The Village Head sets up a draw to distribute the unoccupied lands for the four. The draw is rigged and Sheng ends up with the most rotten land in the village. What Sheng lacks in courage to stand up against the unfairness he makes up for in dogged spirit. He starts with drilling a well in his barren land, and miraculously, he digs out a hot spring. Suddenly everyone wants a piece of his new found treasure and fights to be the biggest toad in the puddle. As Sheng is cornered by the greed and his family is on the brink of being ruined, Sheng has to find a way to stand up and face the nuisances. He becomes a hero in the process, unwillingly and unintentional.

The Biggest Toad in the Puddle is a tele-movie for China CCTV directed by Taiwan based, Malaysian born filmmaker Ho Widing, winner of the Best New Director at Golden Horse Awards for his debut feature PINOY SUNDAY.

喜剧电视电影《温水蛤蟆》讲述了蛤蟆村田胜家里挖出了一口温泉,平时默默无闻的田胜,立时成了全村各色人眼中的香饽饽,村民、官员、亲友、老板纷纷前来试探,冀望从中取利,上演连场黑色幽默的乡村喜剧桥段。影片将目光对准一个村里各色人等,展现利益驱使下凡人众生相,是当下中国电影中难得的趣味之作。由曾获得金马奖最新导演的马来西亚籍导演何蔚庭(HO WI DING)《台北星期天》执导,影像尽显灵气,不拘一格。

  • 上海国际电影节展映 Official Selection Shanghai International Film Festival
  • 北京国际电影节展映 Official Selection Beijing International Film Festival

Date: 18 April 2015

Time: 4.15pm

Venue: Suntec 3

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