The Young Ones


Film Information

Director: 李行 Lee Hsing

Cast: 甄珍 Chen Chen、邓光荣 Alan Tang、傅碧辉Fu Bi Hui、葛香亭 Ko Hsiang Ting

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 1973

Runtime: 110mins

Rating: PG

*刘现成映前介绍 Film Introduction by Liu Hsien-Cheng

第11届金马奖最佳彩色影片美术设计 11th Golden Horse Awards Best Art Direction


The story tells about a pair of twin sisters who lost their mother when they are born. The father could not take care of both, so he gives one to a middle age couple who could not bear a child. The sisters grow up in different environments and build up different characters. But they fall for the same boy and this develops into a beautiful and heartbreaking love story. This film along with The Heart with Million Knots and Where Seagull Flies, led the second wave of Qiong Yao adaptations in Lee Hsing’s films. The leading actors, Chen Chen and Alan Tang became popular idols because of this film.



Date: 26 April 2015

Time: 4.30pm

Venue: National Museum Gallery Theatre

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