Execution in Autumn


Execution in Autumn

Film Information

Director: 李行 Lee Hsing

Cast: 欧威 Ou Wei、唐宝云 Tang Pao Yun、葛香亭Ko Hsiang Ting 、傅碧辉Fu Bi Hui、武家麒Wu Chia Chi、李湘 Li Hsiang、崔福生 Tsui Fu Sheng

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 1967

Runtime: 97mins

Rating: PG

*李导演映后交流 Q&A director Lee Hsing

第10届金马奖最佳剧情片、最佳导演、最佳男主角、最佳女配角、最佳彩色摄影 10th Golden Horse Awards Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Color Cinematography

美国奥斯卡金像奖最佳外语片初选入围 Shortlist for Academy Awards Best Foreign Picture


Gong is spoiled by his grandmother since childhood. Then he commits murder and being kept in prison. Gong blames this to his grandmother. After the death of grandmother, Gong gradually realizes the truth and faces it bravely. Lee Hsing spent many years for its preparation. The film explores many issues, like the Chinese culture, ethics, vision of life, and Taoist philosophy. It also presents a Chinese film aesthetics and style. The film arouse heated discussion after its release and was rerun for many times. This is the representative work of Lee Hsing.



Date: 26 April 2015

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: National Museum Gallery Theatre

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