Four Moods


Four Moods

Film Information

Director: 李行Lee Hsing、白景瑞 Bai Jingrui、胡金铨 King Hu、李翰祥Li Han-Hsiang

Cast: 甄珍 Chen Chen、岳阳 Ngok Yeung、胡锦 Hu Chin、张美瑶 Chang Mei-Yao、欧威 Ou Wei、李丽华 Li Li Hua、杨群Yang Kwan

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 1970

Runtime: 144mins

Rating: PG

*刘现成映前介绍 Film Introduction by Liu Hsien-Cheng


The film is made by four famous directors. The reason for this unprecedented cooperation is to help Li Hanxiang to solve the financial crises of Grand View Company. Joy sequence is directed by Bai Jingrui. Bai uses the facial expression, body language and changes of light and shadow to tell story. King Hu’s Anger sequence is based on a play of Peking opera, San Cha Kou. His mise-en-scene and the arrangement of space are superb. The Happiness sequence is directed by Li Hanxiang. Li uses the unique setting to make the ghost story appear like Chinese ink landscape with subtle and delicate feelings. Lee Hsing’sSadnesssequence depicts the complicated conflicts in the family, revealing the contradictory feelings of man and woman, revenge and filial to one’s parents.



Date: 26 April 2015

Time: 11.00am

Venue: National Museum Gallery Theatre

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