Beautiful Duckling


Beautiful Duckling

Film Information

Director: 李行 Lee Hsing

Cast: 唐宝云Tang Pao Yun、葛香亭Ko Hsiang Ting、欧威 Ou Wei、武家麒Wu Chia Chi、崔福生Tsui Fu Sheng

Country: 台湾 Taiwan

Year: 1964

Runtime: 111mins

Rating: PG

第3届金马奖最佳剧情片、最佳导演、最佳男主角、最佳彩色摄影 3rd Golden Horse Awards Best Feauture Film, Best Director and Best Actor and Best Color Cinematography


The film portrays the daily life of Taiwan duck farmers of 1960s. Xiaoyue leads a simple and happy life with her adopted father, who is good at raising ducks. Her natural brother is an actor of Taiwanese opera troupe and threatens to take Xiaoyue with him to start his own troupe. But her adopted father sells all ducks to pay for Xiaoyue. The story then has a different turnout. The concise and simple structure of the story written by Zhang Yongxiang and the realistic images of Lee Hsing has made breakthroughs of propaganda genre. This film is also another progressive step in the healthy realist film genre.



Date: 25 April 2015

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: National Museum Gallery Theatre

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