Festival Guests


Ang Qing Sheng

洪清盛目前在拉萨尔艺术学院动画系担任助教。他制作的原创动漫音乐视频Affinity: Our Song在海外多个电影节展映。2015年,他获得了拉萨尔艺术学院研究基金和新加坡艺术理事会的资助,创作了两部动漫短片。其中《五种孤寂与静默》改编自本地诗篇并在2015新加坡作家节的Utter单元放映;另一部海南话动漫短片《掉不见》在2016新加坡华语电影节作世界首映。

Qing Sheng teaches in the Animation programme at LASALLE College of the Arts. Among his works are Affinity: Our Song, a music video with original music production that made its way into several festivals worldwide. He has received funding from both LASALLE Research Project Funding and National Arts Council (Singapore) to produce animated short films for 2015, one of which is 5 Shades of Solitude for Utter 2015 Festival and the other is Lak Boh Ki, a Hainanese animated short that is having its world premiere at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2016.


Jevons Au


Born and bred in Hong Kong, Jevons Au is a post-80s filmmaker, who graduated from the School of Film and Television, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in directing. He once attended a filmmaking summer course in the University of South California and has directed various award-winning independent short films. He was the scriptwriter for the films Vengeance, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Romancing in Thin Air and Drug War. He recently directed his first drama film, Trivisa.


Andrew Choi

蔡廉明毕业于中国神学硏究院道学硕士,美国Regent University传理系硕士主修电视电影制作,加拿大University of Manitoba 理科学士。拥有多年媒体工作经验,如网络媒体、录像创作。他积极推动青年导演创作,主办青年短片比赛,监制纪录片《趁还有墟》、《移家》。监制的电影包括《玩谢大师》、《十年》。

Andrew Choi graduated from China Graduate School of Theology with Master of Divinity; Regent University with Master of Arts in Communication, major in TV and Film Production; University of Manitoba with Bachelor of Science.  Andrew has many years of experience in media related work, including digital media, website and video production.  He is the organizer of a short film festival for young filmmakers, helping to develop talented young filmmakers.  He is the producer of various documentary films including Fading Marketplaces, Move with the Times.  He is also the producer of feature films Final Project and Ten Years.


Kiwi Chow

七十后,毕业于香港演艺学院电影电视学院,主修导演,授教于舒琪导演,荣获一级荣誉艺术学士学位 。毕业后从事多部电影的制作特辑导演及剪接,也曾担任场记、副导演等工作,其中包括李连杰主演的《霍元甲》。2006年受聘于香港演艺学院,执导短片《楼上传来的歌声》获得多个本土及国际影展奖项,备受注目。2013年完成香港演艺学院电影制作硕士,同年导演个人第一套剧情长片,由朱芷莹、张学友主演的《一个复杂故事》,于第37届香港国际电影节中首映,也被选为第二届新加坡华语电影节的开幕片。2015年荣获艺术发展局的艺术新秀奖。《自焚者》是他的最新短片。

Born in the 70s in Hong Kong, Kiwi Chow obtained the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television with First Class Honours, majoring in directing under the tutorage of Director Shu Kei, from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). After graduation, he worked as script supervisor, assistant director in various productions, including Fearless, starring Jet Li. In 2006, he was hired by HKAPA and directed a short film, Upstairs, which received various local and international film festival awards. In 2013, he completed an MFA in Cinema Production from HKAPA, and directed his first feature film, A Complicated Story, starring Jacqueline Zhu and Jacky Cheung. The film was premiered in the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival and was selected as the Opening Film of 2014 Singapore Chinese Film Festival. In 2015, he won the Award for Young Artist (Film) under the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. His latest short was Self-immolator.


Ho Yuhang


Ho Yuhang was born and raised in Petaling Jaya. He graduated with a degree in engineering at Iowa State University before opting for a career in filmmaking. His first feature length film Min (2003) won the Special Jury Prize at the Festival Des 3 Continents in Nantes in France and earmarked him as one of the most talented young filmmakers to emerge in Asia in recent years. His subsequent features and shorts won more prizes, including the NETPAC Award and the Tiger Award for Best Short at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. This was followed by his third feature film, Rain Dogs, which became the first Malaysian film to be nominated in the Venice International Film Festival in 2006. His recent short, Trespassed (2016) is part of the Day and Night omnibus.


Charlotte Lim

2002年开始拍电影,2009年完成第一部长片《理发店的女儿》,于鹿特丹国际影展首映,并于克罗地亚摘下最佳剧情片,及夺得马拉喀什影展评审团大奖。林丽娟作品的画面非常精緻,从IM LISA、《衣架》,《面包女孩》等作品中这风格尤为强烈。林丽娟担任过李安、蔡明亮、何宇恆、陈哲艺的副导演,合作的电影分别为《色戒》、《黑眼圈》、《太阳雨》、《爸妈不在家》。

Charlotte begins her path in filmmaking since 2002. She made her first film My Daughter in 2009. The film was world premiered in Rotterdam. It received the Grand Prix for Best Feature Film award in Croatia and the Jury Prize at the Marrakech Film Festival. Charlotte’s works is known for her meticulously chosen images. This is reflected in films like IM Lisa, Hanger, Bite. She is the Assistant Director for Ang Lee, Tsai Ming Liang, Ho Yuhang, Anthony Chen in the films Lust Caution, I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone, Rain Dogs, and Ilo Ilo respectively.


Lin Jing-jie


Lin Jing-jie is a Taiwanese director with his own distinguished personal style. In 1999, his debut film My Own Personal Gun (Part of the Bad Girl Trilogy) won the Most Promising Director and the Best Actress of the Year awards at the Taipei Film Festival, together with the Jury Award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. His first feature film, The Most Distant Course, was rewarded with the International Critic’s Week Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2007, while his documentary The Man behind the Book garnered the Best Editing award at the Golden Horse Awards, and the Press Award at the Taipei Film Festival in 2011.


Gladys Ng

吴佩玲毕业自澳洲墨尔本维多利亚艺术学院电影系。2012年参与了由釜山电影委员会及亚洲电影委员网络举办的FLY ASEAN-ROK电影工作坊。她导演的短片《隔夜饭》在第26届新加坡国际电影节摘下“最佳新加坡短片奖”。她获得了泰国电影基金及Objectifs的支助,目前短驻泰国。

My Father after Dinner, Gladys Ng’s recent directorial short was presented the Best Singapore Short award at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival. She was trained in writing and directing at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, Australia. In 2012, she participated in FLY ASEAN-ROK, a filmmaking workshop held by Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Commissions Network. She is currently doing a film residency in Thailand under the support of Objectifs, in collaboration with Thai Film Foundation.


Eva Tang


Eva Tang graduated with a Masters in directing from the National Film & Television School, UK. Her short films have been screened in Venice, Rotterdam, National Gallery of Art (USA) etc. Eva was selected for the 2009 Berlinale Talents, 2010 Torino FilmLab, and 2010 Taipei Golden Horse Film Academy. She co-directed two well-loved documentaries Old Places (2010) and Old Romances (2012) that reminisce the disappearing memories in Singapore which have set trend for heritage documentation and have created a huge following. She recently completed her debut feature documentary The Songs We Sang, which premiered at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival presented by The Esplanade Theatre. It is hailed by The Straits Times as one of the best movies in 2015. 


Wang Tong


Wang Tong graduated from the Communication University of China. His short, Time to Die was shortlisted for screening at several film festivals including Busan International Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, First International Film Festival and China International Film Festival.


Louisa Wei


Born in Shandong, Louisa Wei left China in 1992 to study literature and film in Canada and moved to Hong Kong in 2001. During the past 13 years, she has been teaching film production, story writing, and media culture courses at City University of Hong Kong, while making films. As a documentarian, Wei’s first released work was the short musical Cui Jian: Rocking China (2006) broadcasted on Cable TV Hong Kong. Her feature length Storm under the Sun (2009) premiered at IDFA in 2007 and at the HKIFF in 2009. In 2012, she completed the script for Golden Gate Girls about Esther Eng, China’s first and only woman director before 1949. She is currently working on the scripts for two new documentaries: Flower Girl from Havana, about a Cuban lady who performed Cantonese opera in Cuba for ten years and Dream under the Sun, a film about Cui Jian and his fans.


Lambert Yam

著名电影、电视监制任国光先生出生于香港,八十年代初在美国接受高等教育,先后获取旧金山艺术学院电影硕士学位。1985年创立属于自己的影视制作公司,期间至1996 年担任旧金山世界戏院总裁。曾任旧金山国际电影节董事会成员。从八十年代至九十年代中期,致力推广中﹑港﹑台电影在美国的公映,同时为中国大陆电影在美的总发行人。大陆著名电影导演吴天明﹑陈凯歌﹑张艺谋﹑田壮壮等及香港著名电影导演吴宇森﹑徐克﹑王家卫﹑林岭东等的电影,均通过他的努力而得于在旧金山国际电影节与美国观众见面。他出品的一部有关华人电影与唐人街的纪录片《声光转逝》得到了香港艺术发展局与美国亚裔媒体中心(CAAM)的资助。

Lambert Yam is a pioneer in distributing and exhibiting feature films from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in North America. A native of Hong Kong, he co-founded the Phoenix Cinematheque there. For ten years, he was in charge of a theatre chain in the United States and Canada, including the World Theatre in San Francisco, Sun Sing Theatre in New York and Garfield Theatre in Los Angeles. He created new openings for Asian film serving Chinatown and American audiences. He was on the board of the San Francisco International Film Festival for nine years. A filmmaker himself, he produced both Citizen Hong Kong and China 21. In 2001 he received a scripting grant from the California Council for the Humanities for A Moment in Time, a documentary on movies and Chinatown. The project received production funding from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Center for Asian American Media (CAAM).


Ruby Yang

杨紫烨出生于香港,1977 年从香港移民到美国旧金山,先后取得绘画和电影制作硕士学位。曾导演和剪辑多部亚裔美国人题材的影片和纪录片。其导演的《颍州的孩子》获得第79 届美国奥斯卡最佳纪录短片奖。曾在多部影片中担任剪辑师,包括美籍华裔电影人陈冲执导并获台湾金马奖7项大奖的《天浴》,以及陈冲进军好莱坞的作品《纽约的秋天》。杨紫烨现居北京,拍摄制作纪录片及计划筹拍故事片。

Ruby Yang is a noted Chinese American filmmaker whose work in documentary and dramatic film has earned her an Academy Award and numerous international awards. Born in Hong Kong, she moved to San Francisco in 1977. She graduated from San Francisco Art Institute in Painting (BFA) and Filmmaking (MFA) and had been living in San Francisco before relocating to Beijing in 2004. The Blood of Yingzhou District, directed by Yang won the 2006 Oscar for Documentary – Short Subject at the 79th Academy Awards in February, 2007. Yang has also edited several feature films, including Joan Chen’s debut feature XiuXiu, The Sent Down Girl. The film premiered at the Berlin Festival in 1998 and went on to win seven Golden Horse Awards. She also edited Chen’s first Hollywood feature, Autumn in New York, starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder.


Yeo Joon Han

杨俊汉在成为导演之前曾当过律师和从事广告文案工作。他拍过许多不同类型的电影,从小品到恐怖片等,其中包括《成人节目》 (2006),《死了都要卖!》(2008), Kampong Radioaktif – Orang Minyak (2011), 《冤鬼》(2014) 。他因马来西亚航空MH370客机失踪事件有感而发执导的讽刺短片Bedside Manners,与其他两位马来西亚导演林丽娟和何宇恒的短片合集《日与夜》入选了2016年鹿特丹国际电影节。

Yeo Joon Han worked for many years as a lawyer and advertising copywriter before becoming a filmmaker. He has made a wide range of films, from personal films to Asian horror films. Some of the films directed by him include Adults Only (2006), Sell Out! (2008), Kampong Radioaktif – Orang Minyak (2011), In the Dark (2014). His short film, Bedside Manners, which he made in reaction to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 as part of the Day & Night omnibus with two other Malaysian filmmakers, Charlotte Lim and Ho Yuhang.


Jane Yu

台湾清华大学中文系学士,纽约大学电影硕士。曾策划金马国际影展、台湾国际纪录片双年展、台北电影节等大型影展,2006年起,任韩国釜山影展亚洲纪录片连线委员,为该基金审核补助纪录片拍片计划,2011年起,为台北国际书展规划并执行“华文出版与影视媒合平台”。2012年起,任美国“故事工场”(Story Mining & Supply Co., LLC) 亚洲区经理,负责寻找适合拍成影视作品的华文素材。另于清华大学开设电影赏析通识课程及影像写作课程。制作《我们这样拍电影》纪录片,记录21世纪台湾电影的成就与挑战 。编撰《女性与影像》、《纪录亚洲》中文版及英文版、撰写《电影魔法师-陈博文的剪辑世界》等,译有多本电影专书。

Jane is the producer of documentary FaceTaiwan: Power of Taiwan Cinema (2016). Born in Taiwan, Jane Yu received her MA in Cinema Studies from New York University. A veteran programmer and film critic, she is the founder and director of Book Meets Film Forum at the Taipei International Book Expo, promoting Chinese language book-to-film adaptations. Also one of the founders and committee of Asian Network of Documentary Fund, Busan International Film Festival.
She wrote and translated many books on cinema including The Cinema Magician–Chen Po-Wen’s World of Cinema, a biography of award-winning editor Chen Po-Wen (A One and a Two, A Brighter Summer Day). She also edited Asian Documentary Today and Women and Image: Diverse Views of Women’s Cinema.