Frequently Asked Questions



  • When and how is SCFF 2020 going to take place?
  • 2020年新加坡华语电影节将在什么时候举办?以什么形式举办?

Given the continuing uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to mount this year’s edition as a cutting-edge festival, taking place 2 October to 11 October. SCFF 2020 will be a mixed format of in-cinema and virtual events.

We will be working with Shaw Organisation via their newly-launched online festival platform KinoLounge, which offers studio-grade DRM and operates according to the Motion Picture Association of America’s security standards. We will also be working with FilmGarde Bugis+ for in-cinema screenings.



  • When and where can I buy this year’s printed programme booklet?
  • 什么时候、在哪里可以买到今年的电影节指南?

Unfortunately, we won’t be producing a printed programme guide for the 2020 edition. Film descriptions, schedules, and everything you need to know about the festival is posted on our website



  • What is the procedure to purchase tickets?
  • 购票方式

Tickets will go on sale on Friday, 18 September starting at 00:01hrs (SGT). On the SCFF 2020 website (, each film has a dedicated page on which you will find a description of the film, a trailer, and a button labeled “Buy Ticket”, which will redirect you to our streaming or cinema platform.

For online films: Once on the platform, clicking on ‘Buy Ticket’ will open a pop-up prompting you to enter your credit card information. Please note that you must have an account to purchase tickets! When you purchased a movie, you have 14 days to start watching it; once you press play, you have 48 hours to watch the movie as many times as you want.

In other words, you can wait up to 14 days to start to watch your movie content from the day of release (in this case start of the film festival on 02 Oct) or purchase, (whichever is later). For in-cinema films: You may purchase the tickets online or at the box office.

电影节将于2020年9月18日(星期五),新加坡时间凌晨零时零一分(00:01hrs)开始售票。电影节网站(将提供每一部影片的简介和预告片,以及连接至线上放映平台或电影院平台的“Buy Ticket”购票按钮。

线上影片:连接至线上放映平台后,点击“Buy Ticket”按钮,然后输入你的信用卡资料。你必须拥有一个账号才能租片!完成交易后,你可在14天内随时开始播放影片,一旦点击“Play”开始播放影片后,租片的48小时时限即开始计算,你在这48小时内可无限次观看影片。



  • Will ticket prices and packages be the same as for previous editions of the festival?
  • 本届电影节的票价和套票与往届相同吗?

Tickets for feature films and shorts programs will be priced for the General Public at S$12.99 for online, and S$15.00 for in-cinema.  Panel discussion, artist talks, and the Amoy Dialect Classics will be available for free online. More information regarding special events registration will follow shortly!


  • Will there be any discounted tickets?
  • 是否有任何优惠票价?

Yes, Singapore Film Society, and Singapore University of Social Sciences Members enjoy a discounted price of S$9.99 for online films, and S$13.50 for in-cinema films.



  • Will there be an unlimited amount of tickets available for each film screened online?
  • 线上放映的影片是否无限量售票?

No; ticket numbers for online screenings will be limited to capacities comparable to that of physical cinema spaces.


  •  Will I be able to watch from anywhere in the world?
  • 是否在世界各地都可以观赏到电影节的影片?

All films will be geo-blocked to Singapore audiences and only accessible from within the country. Unfortunately, we can’t make new films available across the world without potentially hurting their future distribution and exhibition options, which is a key concern to us.


  •  Will I be able to watch the films on my TV screen?
  • 能否用电视机观赏线上影片?

Yes. You can cast the films from your computer, mobile phone or tablet to your TV screen using Apple TV or Chromecast devices. You can also use a simple HDMI cable to plug your TV screen into your computer.

你可以使用Apple TV或Chromecast,从电脑、手机或平板电脑把影片接驳至电视机。你也可以使用一般的HDMI电线,把电视机及电脑连接起来。

  • Will media press from outside of Singapore be granted access to the online films?
  • 新加坡以外的媒体能否观看到线上影片?

Unfortunately, no. Again, we can’t make new films available across the world without potentially hurting their future distribution and exhibition options, which is a key concern to us.


  • Will Industry members from outside of Singapore be granted access to the online films? How about the cast and crew of selected overseas films?
  • 新加坡境外的业内人士能否观看到线上影片?电影节放映的海外影片的演员及剧组人员观看得到吗?

Unfortunately, no. All online films will be geo-blocked to Singapore audiences and only accessible from within the country.


  •  Will the online films be available with closed captioning, video description and/or other accessibility options?
  • 线上影片是否具备隐藏式字幕、视频描述及/或欣赏影片的其他选择?

We aspire to make these available for all online films. However, the potential availability of these options will vary title-by-title, dependent on what’s been made available to us.


  •  How do I create an account on your new streaming platform?
  • 如何在线上放映平台开设账号?

In order to purchase tickets and watch our online films, you will need to create an account on the online platform hosted by our video streaming partner, KinoLounge. The link to our platform will be posted on our website ( from 18 September, 2020. Once on the platform, simply click on the “Create Account” button at the top right to create your account.

你必须在线上放映平台KinoLounge开设一个账号才能租片及观赏影片。电影节网站(将于2020年9月18日起,提供开设账号的链接。请点击该平台右上角的“Create Account”账号开设按钮。

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • 付款方式

We accept all major credit cards. If you experience an issue with payment, we encourage you to contact your bank.


  • How do I watch the films?
  • 租片后如何播放线上影片?

Purchasing a film ticket automatically adds it to your Library. When logged into your account on our streaming platform, click on ‘Signed in as (your username)’ at the top right of the screen and select ‘My Library’, where you will find all films for which you’ve purchased tickets.

Note that on-demand titles will be accessible at any time during the festival, from 2 October to 10 October, 2020. Once you have purchased a film, you have 14 days to watch it (e.g. if you purchased on 10 October, you will have until 23 October to watch it). Once you have started watching a film (pressed Play), you will have 48 hours to watch the movie as many times as you want.

Note that if you have purchased the tickets before the festival start date (i.e. 2 October 2020), the 14 days will start from 2 October 2020.

For a full list of which titles are on-demand, please view our schedule at

完成交易后,相关影片将自动加入到你的存档(“Library”)内。请登入你的账号,点击右上角的“Signed in as (你的账号名称)”,选择“My Library”,你将看到你的租片名单。



欲知线上影片的名单,请查看电影节网站 的场次表。

  • What are the supported browsers for KinoLounge?
  • 哪些浏览器适合播放和观看线上影片?

MAC OS 10.2 or later:  Only Safari browser is supported for the best experience. Chrome and Firefox are not supported on the Mac.

Windows 7, 8.1, 10:  Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave are the only supported browsers for the best viewing experience.

Please ensure you have updated the browsers to the latest versions and disabled any ad-blockers only for domains.

苹果操作系统MAC OS 10.2或更新的版本:Safari浏览器。

微软视窗Windows 7、8.1、10:Chrome、Microsoft Edge及Brave三种浏览器皆宜。

请确保你的浏览器已更新至最新版本,并把拦截 网域的广告拦截功能关闭。

  •  How do I use the promo code for the online movie?
  • 如何输入租片优惠代码?

选好影片,点击“Rent”后,你将看见以下页面,在金额栏目内选择“I have a promo code”。

  • Why is the online SCFF film indicated as “Not Available in your country”?
  • 为什么线上影片显示“在你的地区无法观看此片” “Not Available in your country”)?

This indicates that ticket sales have not started. Once ticket sales start, the price of a ticket for this film will be reflected and you will be able to make your purchase. For SCFF, ticket sales will only start Friday 18th September.