今年是我们第二次在疫情中办电影节。经过一年的折腾, 电影节一方面吸取了2020年使用科技而得以打破空间和防疫局限的优点,另一方面切确di认识到对电影节的观众而言,电影院依然是最佳观影场所的事实。再加上许多电影人希望观众能够在影院看到他们的作品,因此本届电影节虽依然以影院和线上双轨的方式进行,但影院所放映的作品相较于线上的多了许多。





祝大家身体健康,第 9 届新加坡华语电影节观影愉快!


Metamorphosis: An Opportunity For Transformation

Every year, for the past eight years, audiences from Singapore and the region have warmly welcomed the Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF). Indeed, SCFF has become a platform to showcase the originality, diversity, as well as internationalisation of Chinese films. Not only has the festival become a window for Singapore audiences to appreciate Chinese films, it also plays a significant role in cultivating interaction between our local
filmmaking talents and overseas filmmakers from the Greater China region. Sadly, the worldwide pandemic last year devastated the film industry, leaving few unscathed, including many film festivals which were cancelled. Yet, we managed to reinvent ourselves, and present SCFF 2020 through a hybrid online/physical screening model.

For the 9th Singapore Chinese Film Festival this year, we will continue to adopt this hybrid model. However, in response to feedback from SCFF fans, as well as many filmmakers’ desire for audiences to view their works in the movie theatres, we have managed to schedule more physical screenings this year.

Beyond SCFF, the tug-of-war between cinema and OTT platforms continues. The pandemic lockdown has severely affected the operations of cinemas while allowing streaming platforms to

absorb many new users. As multiplexes reopen, albeit with safe-distancing measures, cinemas are eager to reclaim lost ground. Whatever the outcome of this tussle, moviewatching continues to transform.

Film festivals (including SCFF) which have been traditionally held in cinemas need to adapt to these transformations. To represent this continual change, we have chosen the butterfly as this year’s festival key art. The butterfly undergoes metamorphosis – one of nature’s most amazing and beautiful transformation – in order to change from egg into a beautiful and graceful adult. One change for SCFF this year is the addition of four bi-lingual students from the SUSS Film Minor Studies course who have joined us as festival interns, bringing with them fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as valuable skill sets.

Butterflies also represent hope and optimism for the future. We hope that SCFF will continue to bring joy to movie lovers in Singapore. At the same time, we look forward to the recovery of the film industry, especially of filmmakers, and envision them just like butterflies taking flight after emerging from their cocoons!

We wish you the best of health, and a wonderful time at the 9th Singapore Chinese Film Festival! 

Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2021
Organising Committee