第 8 届新加坡华语电影节终于要在 10 月上旬推出了! 

2019 新冠病毒的疫情不仅让电影节延期,更让电影院被封馆 3 个多月,在这期 间,线上电影成为看电影的唯一途径。这让一部分人见识到了线上电影方便、可控和 安全等特质,以至于在影院解封之后,不少人选择了继续留在家中看电影。可是对另 一部份人而言,影院依然是看电影的最佳场所。 

与此同时,电影创作者对在什么平台呈现他们的作品也有不同的看法。有些不 介意拥抱新趋势,让作品上线,有些则坚持在影院放映。为了兼顾这两方面的观众和 创作者,今年的电影节决定采取线上和影院双轨放映的方式来呈现今年的节目。希望 这样的尝试能够让大家在最自在的环境中看电影。 

除了延期、双轨放映外,电影节也第一次将所有和国内外电影人交流的环节搬 到网上进行。疫情打乱了我们习以为常的节奏,可是应运而生的科技却带来了新的可 能性。对这些新尝试,我们会总结经验以便更好的筹备来年的电影节。 

在疫情还没结束的当下举办电影节,我们需要大家的支持,更需要大家的合 作。在此要呼吁到影院享受影音效果和被彼此情绪感染的影友们,请务必保持社交距 离、全程戴口罩和遵守防疫的相关规定。影院集体观影的形态要继续下去,除了主办 方和电影院的努力,大家的配合是至关重要的。在影院中负责任的做好防范,是让大 家能够放心看电影的关键,更是疫情期间维护这种集体观影形态的最好方式。

祝大家身体健康,第 8 届新加坡华语电影节观影愉快!

Dearest Fellow-Cinephiles

The 8th Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF) is happening in early October this year! 

COVID-19 has led to not just the postponement of SCFF, but also temporary closure of  cinemas islandwide that lasted for over three months. Going online became the only way to watch a movie then. Some who have realised the convenience and ease of online film  screening, have continued to stay home for movies even when cinemas re-opened. To others,  a cinema remains to be the best place to catch a movie. 

The same can be said of filmmakers when it comes to the platform for showcasing their works.  While some of them do not mind giving online screening a try, other filmmakers prefer the  cinema still. To accommodate the diversity of movie goers and filmmakers, SCFF is adopting,  for the first time, both online and in-cinema screening. Whichever platform it is, we hope that  everyone gets to appreciate their selected movies comfortably and safely. 

Also another first, SCFF is hosting all Q&A sessions with filmmakers virtually this year. COVID 19 may have pushed us out of our comfort zone, and what ensue are new possibilities brought  about by technology. We will keep our new experience in mind, so as to bring to you an even  better SCFF next year. 

In the meantime, as you engross yourselves in the story and the cinematography of a film, we  seek your support and cooperation in practising social distancing, mask wearing, and other  necessary preventive measures. Let us all work towards a collective journey of enjoying a  movie together in a worry-free environment. 

We wish you the best of health, and a wonderful time at the 8th Singapore Chinese Film  Festival! 

Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2020
Organising Committee